Michigan Victory Games is four days of non-stop fun, friendships, and competition. This competition is for those with physical disabilities – individuals who want to go head-to-head with others who have the same competitive spirit. It ends with a dance to commemorate the experience and celebrate! Over the years, Michigan Victory Games has qualified athletes to compete in Paralympics, World Games and the National Sports Festival.

We give athletes with physical disabilities a chance; a chance to compete, make friends, and feel the support of a team. To experience the thrill of victory and the possibility of defeat.

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Michigan Victory Games!

The Games Staff is ALWAYS looking for those interested in becoming more active and becoming an integral part of the Games. If you know of coaches, athletes or volunteers that would be a great asset as a board member or games staff, Want to get active as a volunteer? They have as much fun as the athletes. Almost. 

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Thank you to our diamond Sponsors for your continued support 

- Caitlin

MVG means to me being able to play sports with friends, who I call my family. I really love being competitive with other athletes from different teams. I have been doing this for over 10 years. 

"Friends who i call my family"

- Jeff

The experience of the MVG games is always one of the highlights of my year for obvious reasons, but also because it presents an opportunity for those of us who have disabilities to be seen as whole people, not just a diagnosis. The MVG weekend is filled with all kinds of different accomplishments (both athletically and personally) none of which would be possible without the help of a great team and a fabulous group of volunteers/new friends to join me.

"an opportunity for those of us who have disabilities to be seen as whole people"

- Carter

Michigan Victory Games has the best volunteers and the encouragement you guys give me keeps me competing and coming back.

"best volunteers and encouragement."

- alan

The victory games are a blast! It is a mix of fun and competitive competition with an emphasis on good sportsmanship. Everyone here is like a big family! 

"Everyone here is like a big family!"

- alice

I started on the Grand Rapids Eagles Sports Team when I was 10 years old. I’ve been on The Grand Rapids Eagles Sports Team for 29 years. My team practices every Tuesday nights during the school year and that is nice to see my friends during practice. I love going to Michigan Victory Games because I get to participate with other athletes in Michigan and I get to see all of my friends that I only see once a year.

"it's nice to see my friends during practices."