Whether you are volunteering to fulfill school hours, make an impact, or have a fun experience we are happy to have you! This is a fulfilling event that will leave you wanting to come back every year to watch and cheer on the athletes.

at michigan victory games

make a difference

- Calli 

The Michigan Victory Games is my favorite weekend of the year. Watching the athletes compete is so inspiring. New friendships are formed every year and old ones pick up where they were last left off. MVG has a great sense of community and is an amazing event that I will always come back to. 

"my favorite weekend of the year."

- Melissa 

I fell in love with the athletes and their families. The amazing ability the athletes possess to participate in any sport is mind boggling. I leave more humbled every year.

"I leave more humbled every year."

- Dominic

When you volunteer for MVG you don’t feel like you are just helping out, you become part of the event. The level of engagement with the athletes is incredible and you become not only their helpers but their fans and their friends. Year after year the athletes and volunteers look forward to their time together and this is what makes MVG something special and far more than a volunteer opportunity.  

"far more than a volunteer opportunity."

- Catherine

MVG is my favorite weekend of the whole year! I love the people, the atmosphere, and watching the athletes participate in all of the events. It’s so inspiring to see the teams come together to cheer on their teammates and others throughout the weekend! 

"it's so inspiring to see the teams come together."

Michigan State University

Where are the games hosted?

volunteer faqs

As a volunteer you will help run events by line judging, timing, recording results and score keeping, cheer on athletes, and most importantly have fun!

What will my role be?

It is an event over four days, but you do not have to volunteer for all four days if you are unable to. We will be happy to have you for any amount of time!

what is the length of the event?

There is free volunteer parking in a commuter lot that is a short walk away. There is also an option to purchase a parking pass. 

Where will I park my car?

Nope! They have coaches to help them with physical aspects of the games. You are there to run events and cheer them on. 

Will I be physically assisting athletes?

YES!! Complimentary snacks are provided for volunteers. Volunteers who work more than one shift are provided meals. If you are an overnight volunteer, you can eat in the MSU Café.

Is food included?

About 2 weeks before the games a confirmation packet will be sent with your volunteer assignments for events. 

Will I be given a schedule with volunteer assignments?